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Clothing Tips for Hunting


Hunting gear is obviously important, but the clothes you wear are just as important! If you’re new to hunting and am unsure what to wear or bring, check out these tips:

First and foremost, grab your base-layer of long or short-sleeve shirts and tights. This layer will you keep you dry and warm at the same time; so choose a light-weight material to wick away sweat while insulating.

Moving to the mid-layer, the most popular fabrics are merino and polyester. This layer lets go of moisture and keeps heat inside. Usually a flexible material, this layer can be removed if you become overheated or become the outer layer if the weather is mild.

The outer layer, or the protective shell, should be resistant to the elements (wind, rain, etc.). This layer also needs to stand up against tree branches, bushes, and thorns while being compact enough to pack if you get overheated.

When choosing your layers, remember to remove your personal body scent as much as possible. This usually looks like showering with hot water and no commercial soaps at least six weeks before the season. You’ll also want to rid your apparel of your scent. To do so, soak your clothes in cold water and ½ cup of white vinegar overnight. Then plunge your clothes in water with ½ cup of baking soda, washing by hand. Finally, it’s best to dry your clothes outside in order to pick up the scent.

Choose your layers carefully, keeping in mind the weather, and stay hidden. For more tips, follow us on Facebook.

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